Grades 6 - 8 are powered by:


Our challenging STEAM-based curriculum is tailored to children who are operating at or above grade level. Rosemont students benefit from a smaller classroom setting and may require minor, subject specific remediation, and/or relief from bullying and the social rigors of their current academic setting.  The Rosemont Method™ and STEAM based Curriculum for grades 6 - 8 include the following:

Science -hands-on, experiential science lessons and experiments tied in to multiple subjects
Technology - each child is given their own personal classroom laptop for computer coding and design
Engineering -  hands-on, real world engineering applications that are thought provoking and FUN
Arts - Music, Art, Drama, Public Speaking, and Debate  
Mathematics - the incomparable Singapore Mathematics Program

in addition to:
  • Classic and/or modern classic literature
  • Social Studies, History, Civics, Economics
  • Physical Education
  • Critical Thinking and Creative Thinking Brain Boosters

According to only 1 in 10 schools teach computer coding to children. Starting in 4th grade, our Falcons learn to code. Please take five minutes to watch's video and learn the importance of coding from the likes of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg,, and Chris Bosh. You will also take a look at some of the fantastic companies that just may hire a Falcon with such an amazing skill set!

The STEAM Curriculum for our Upper Elementary and Middle School benefits all students including students who are:

  • overlooked in an overcrowded classroom
  • being bullied or struggling with social anxiety and/or peer relations
  • twice exceptional (gifted with a "glitch")
  • diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome
  • diagnosed with ADD/ADHD
  • diagnosed with mild DyslexiaDysgraphia
  • struggling with specific learning deficits
The Rosemont Method™ does not address behavior and/or emotional issues. 

Our STEAM-based philosophy and curriculum has been adapted exclusively for our Rosemont Method™.  STEAM is an integral part of our curriculum and not provided by "drop in" companies that service other academic institutions.  

As always,
our academic program is not based on a modified or adapted curriculum.

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