Rosemont's High School Diploma Program was created for:
  • students who are not benefiting from a traditional high school classroom
  • students who are struggling with the social rigors of a typical high school
  • students who are being bullied by their peers
  • students who may need remediation in particular subjects
  • students who excel when allowed to move at their own pace
  • students who may require a more flexible attendance schedule
  • students who flourish in more individualized academic setting

Rosemont has partnered with the prestigious Whitmore School to offer an unparalleled High School Diploma program for our 9th - 12th grade students. 

The Whitmore School is a fully accredited high school diploma program whose graduates are accepted to colleges and universities across the country.  

Whitmore's Mastery Learning High School Curriculum combined with Rosemont's classroom and social setting provide an ideal environment for success. 

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