Grades K - 5th 

The Rosemont Method™, as implemented in our Kindergarten through 5th grade classrooms, is a high energy, innovative, engaging, hands-on learning experience that addresses multiple learning styles and engages your child in higher order thinking processes and skill sets, not just simple memorization. 

By the time our Falcons complete 5th grade, they are mastering game-based computer coding, reading novels that are well above grade level, and tackling advanced mathematical concepts
.  Not one aspect of Rosemont Academy's curriculum is based on an ESE (special needs) platform   or a modified and/or adapted curriculum.

Simply said, where most programs simply accommodate learning and/or social glitches, Rosemont works towards eradicating the glitch.  Our lower elementary program was created to address specific learning and/or social deficits on multiple levels and then implement various strategies, specific to our methodology, to remedy each issue.  

Our Lower Elementary program also includes:
  • Pragmatics Group
  • Physical Education
  • Yoga
  • Art
  • Music

Rosemont's tuition is all inclusive. 
  • There are no "pull outs" or "extra fees" for services included within the Rosemont Method™.  
  •  Not one aspect of Rosemont Academy's academic curriculum is based on "learning disabled" textbooks or programs.  
  • Our program is not built on an ABA (applied behavior analysis) platform. 
  • No student receives individual lessons or lesson plans.  We are a school, not a tutoring service, and although we appreciate, embrace, and teach to individual learning styles, we believe in the community goals and shared academic benchmarks found in any typical classroom.  
Moving Beyond
5th Grade

As students cycle through Rosemont's grade levels, the Rosemont Method™ and Curriculum ameliorate the need for the mild therapeutic base that is implemented in our lower elementary classrooms.  As our students advance, Rosemont Academy methodically restructures its pedagogy and philosophy. 

After 5th grade, our Falcons are no longer in need of the Pragmatics Groups that are included in the daily routine of our K- 5th graders.  The therapeutic base has now been disengaged and our Falcons are on the academic track for our middle and high school programs.  

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